Advance Reader Copy

Advanced Reader Copy

Read The Stories Before They’re Published

ARC books are not ready for prime time. Readers have asked for early access, so to accommodate those requests we offer an unpolished version.  You will find mistakes and ill-conceived storylines.  ARC readers help us identify these mistakes before we begin final rewrites and edits for release. Please enjoy and feedback is encouraged.

Alex Turner is settling into his new life in Conclave, Oklahoma, and he has a new part-time job working as a security consultant. Part of which is to test to see if they can be robbed. He creates plans to do that and soon finds someone has stolen them. Could it be that his dad has surfaced?

Coming-Of-Age Action / Adventure Story

Price $10.00

★★★★★ The second book is better than the first … and I LOVED the first one.

★★★★★ This book really hit home with me.  After the first chapter I couldn’t put it down.

For generations, the Carsons of Montana have lived the cowboy life.  Since he was five, Austin has been on a horse, helping his dad herd cattle and care for horses.  But circumstances have forced him and his dad to move to Texas, where there seem to be no real cowboys anymore, just too many people for his taste.  You can’t influence fate or change what’s out of your control.  But you can choose what you do with the cards you’re dealt.  But fate might help Austin discover girls.

This is the Advanced Reader Copy, which means it is still a work in progress.  If you find mistakes or have suggestions to improve the book, please share them with my team and me.

Warning: Adult Content

Price $10.00

★★★★★ This one is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

Note that this version has the additional chapters requested by the Advanced Readers.

Are you ready for some football?!

USC finally gets to play someone other than themselves, and David Dawson is the day-one starter.  His rival, Matt Long, is in the wings, ready to take his spot if he falters.  David soon learns that life isn’t fair, but he makes it his goal to be the last man standing.

This is the Advanced Reader Copy of the third book in the A Better Man series, which means it is still a work in progress.  If you find mistakes or have suggestions to improve the book, please share them with my team and me.

As always, there is much more than just sports as David navigates through life, intending to become a better man.

Price $10.00

★★★★★ Best one yet!  Can’t wait for the fourth, fifth, sixth …. books.

Sometimes, characters from outside the Stupid Boy/Better Man stories cross over and show up in this series. And occasionally, a character from Stupid Boy or A Better Man will show up in one of the others.

I realize that some readers have read all of the books as I’ve posted them (thank you), but some have not. This book is to provide the backstory for these crossover characters. If you’ve not read these before, well, this will hopefully fill in some holes and give you a more complete picture of what’s going on in our friend David’s world. And if you have read all of them, perhaps this will remind you of where some of the characters come from and what they’re about.

Each of the books included here has an added preface of its own, explaining what character or characters from the story have appeared in Stupid Boy or A Better Man.

Please note that the stories contained here have been re-edited from the originals; the plot, characters, and story line are the same, but they’re not word-for-word identical to the original published version.

Price $5.00

★★★★★ I had to laugh out loud because I hadn’t realized there were so many tie ins.  This was a fun read now that I have more background.

Rory Walsh is a boy with a problem.  His mother has just passed away, and his abusive alcoholic aunt is trying to take custody of him because she thinks his mother had money.

In steps his father, who Rory has never met, to rescue him.  Rory is taken from his home and friends and moved to The Valley, a gated community in Summerlin Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.  He discovers that his father is loaded, and he will be moving into a home in which ten of his old one would fit into easily.

He also has a new stepmom who looks like she could be an actress and a stepsister who hates him on sight.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Price $5.00

★★★★★ You’re getting better with each story. I love this story. It grabbed a part of me and held on until I finished. I hope others who’ve not read it yet appreciate it as much as I have.

The Box Set included the three books that cover the first full year of college.

Missed Signals – The Amazon version of the first book

A Better Man: Book 2 – Advanced Reader Copy (which means that it is a work in progress.  Please send us notes on anything you find that is either wrong or you have a suggestion on).

A Better Man: Book 3 – ARC of the newest book.

These books are intended for mature audiences.

Price $19.98 $14.98

Most third sons never survived childhood. Third sons were a problem for a hereditary peerage. They couldn’t inherit, which made them dangerous to the heir. In the Duchy of Montrose, the heir was the firstborn. The second son was traditionally sent to the clergy, renouncing all his rights to inheritance.

Today marked the liminal ritual or rite of passage. For Thomas Mycroft, the third son, he’d just turned eighteen, making him a man.  Today he would learn his fate― would he be used for a political marriage or put into the military—somewhere far from home.  Today would mark the beginning of an adventure.

The Third Son is a fantasy novel filled with plenty of swordplay, magic, and even a little romance to make things interesting.

What People Are Saying:

The Third Son is a fantastic fantasy that will hook you from the very first page! I loved every single moment, and all of the characters are ones you will fall in love with! G Younger has done it again.  I love all his books, and this one is no exception.  He once again exhibits his fantastic storytelling skills and includes lots of detail! Get this book immediately!!!

Warning: This story contains violence and mature content.

Price: $5.00

★★★★★ I love that this is something completely different.  You  continue to surprise me.  Can’t wait until the next book.