In the far future, on a remote planet, an epic adventure awaits.  Brodie Erikson returns from Hersir Academy to become the military leader of his Norseman clan.  He hoped to live in peace, but his enemies had other plans.  In their eyes, someone as young as he was shouldn’t hold such a lofty position.

Against all odds, Brodie, his two best friends, and a quirky AI face his fellow people but also a mysterious alien race with superior technology.  It all comes crashing down, and his team finds themselves in a desperate struggle for survival.  Determined to fight back, Brodie discovers that the aliens also have enemies—something far worse.  If Brodie fails, humanity itself will perish.

This is the prequel to the long-anticipated Star Academy series.

Reader’s comment:

This is G. Younger’s storytelling at its best.  This is a page-turning epic series filled with twists and turns … an addictive read.