Price Reduction and New Books

A Better Man 3 Price Reduction in the ARC books

The Last Cowboy: The Outsider – For generations, the Carsons of Montana have lived the cowboy life.  Since he was five, Austin has been on a horse, helping his dad herd cattle and care for horses.  But circumstances have forced him and his dad to move to Texas, where there seem to be no real cowboys anymore, just too many people for his taste.  You can’t influence fate or change what’s out of your control.  But you can choose what you do with the cards you’re dealt.  But fate might help Austin discover girls.

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Stolen Plans: Conclave II – Alex Turner is settling into his new life in Conclave, Oklahoma.  He has a new part-time job working as a security consultant.  Part of which is to test to see if they can be robbed.  He creates plans to do that and soon finds someone has stolen them.  Could it be that his dad has surfaced?