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Club DTF – Second Book in A Last Cowboy Story

Austin is moving in with his Grandma Montgomery, who he doesn’t know and isn’t sure if she wants him.  But he has no choice since his dad has remarried, and his mom is wrapped up in a new love and doesn’t want him to live with her.

The only thing that gives him hope is that his grandmother has agreed to allow him to bring his horse and bought him a puppy.  At least he’ll have two friends in Virginia.

Once he arrives, his mom shares too much information with her new beau, who, in turn, tells his teenage sons.  He’d hoped for a fresh start, but now the reason for his departure from Texas is known.

So much for the fresh start he’d hoped for.

The one bright spot is that Austin meets a group of teens who have moved to the small tourist town for summer jobs.  Three of them start a group called Club DTF and ask him to join.

This book can be found under the ARC tab.