My Intended

Starbound By Magic

Sexy Warlocks + Paranormal Romance = Happily Ever After … Right?

Jade Salem has entered the most important year of her life. It is the time in which she is destined to find that one warlock in the universe to become her intended. Once they are starbound, Jade will come into her full potential as a witch. She has suitors lining up because Jade is in line to become the next matriarch of a powerful coven.

To the East is a coven of dark magic users who have unleashed a dark entity bent on harming Jade and her coven. It is said they have warlock whose line has been cursed and is looking for his intended as well. They are desperate to break the curse and think she is the key. Jade must find her one true match to battle against the dark forces aligning themselves against her.

My Intended is another book by award-winning author G. Younger. It was originally written as a short, which won an international Halloween writing contest.

My Intended is a sexy paranormal romance. Therefore, it contains strong sexual themes/language.