Sophomore Year Spring

Book 6 - A Stupid Boy Story

It’s the oldest story under the sun. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy does anything he can to impress girl. The problem is, the girl the boy has liked since first grade may want other things, such as to date other boys.

With that in the back of the boy’s mind, he has other things to worry about. He’s landed a role in a movie that is about to change everything. The boy must learn to handle the attention it brings and try to live a normal life.

He still has important stuff to do, like play baseball for his high school team.

Sophomore Year – Spring is a sexy romantic comedy with just enough sports and adventure mixed in to make it unforgettable. Join this ‘stupid boy’ as the girls in his life guide him through the highs and lows while he tries to navigate his sophomore year of high school. Don’t miss this award-winning series.

These books are intended for mature audiences.