Junior Year Summer

Book 11 - A Stupid Boy Story

Continuation of the award-winning series that has garnered over 4 million downloads.

David takes the story on the road. First, he travels to Cuba where he is filming his new movie, where all is not well on the set. He is exposed to their rich culture and makes some new friends. He returns to the states to tackle his tryouts to play on Team USA’s Under-18 baseball team. While all this is happening, David decides he is finally ready to find one girl to date.

Junior Year – Summer is a sexy romantic comedy with just enough sports and adventure mixed in to make it unforgettable. Join this ‘stupid boy’ as he picks his way through the minefield that his summer travels bring.

The Stupid Boy Series is a coming-of-age story that has been called remarkable and is alternately hilarious and painful, awkward, and enlightening.

What readers are saying:

Yes, I re-read that first one and everyone in between. And I can see doing that again. Some books and some series are readable one time. Once only. You’ve done something special here!

They keep getting better. Both my wife and I love this series. I hope it never ends.

The story is rich and the characters vibrant. I loved every second of it, picturing distinctly different people and attitudes throughout.