A Better Man Book Two

David’s first semester at USC is over, and he has learned some hard truths.  He needs to accept who he is, which begins with his London World Premier of his James Bond movie.  He is famous, and there is nothing he can do to change that.  On campus, David vows not to repeat mistakes he made in the past regarding football.  He is not going to lie down and let his rival at quarterback beat him out.

This book is for a mature audience.

What has been said:  A Better Man Book Two is the best one so far.  Greg continues to impress with his storytelling, but what sets this book apart is how his writing has improved.  This one starts with a bang and held my interest till the end.  It is well worth the read.


Just finished book 2 ARC. I am speechless at your ability to constantly raise the level of your writing. The book was also surprisingly polished for being an ARC. I’ve fallen in love with every single character either because of how great they were or how realistic and relatable they were. I’m both eager for the next book as well as not looking forward to it since it would probably be the end of this saga. I’m confident that most of your fans would agree with me when I say that I wish you would forever continue this story.