A Welcome From G. Younger



Hi, my name is G. Younger and I’m the author of Sell Anything On Craigslist! and A Stupid Boy Story series. Welcome to my new website. I do hope you’ll make yourself at home here. At the moment, I’m writing the next installment of Stupid Boy: Junior Year Summer and I hope to have that published early in 2018.

I wanted to create a place where you could  get information about my books, ask me questions, get updates, and share your ideas with others.

That’s all the news I have for now; please enjoy the site.


All the best


A Young Adult story about Jeremy Tucker who thought he lived in the most boring town in the world.


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Award Winning Series

Epic Coming of age series


When David Dawson throws a party and discovers a girl near death … the resulting fall out sends him to his uncle’s farm for the summer. Through hard work and long talks his life is changed and put on a path to becoming more than just a Stupid Boy.


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