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Halle James

I’ve been in love with David A. Dawson since I met him on the set of Star Academy.  Yep.  That David A. Dawson.  Nations best high school quarterback, model, and movie star … named one of the top ten Best Looking Male Actors by Screen Junkies.

I’ve grown up in the business, being the daughter of Rita James, America’s Sweetheart and two-time Academy Award Winner.  I even went to one of those High Schools were all the teen actors go, so I thought I was immune to the draw of a hot actor.  Because of who I was, they all seemed to try to go out with me.  Luckily, my mom set me straight when I was young, and I’d had first-hand experience watching my mom deal with men who were only interested in our money or what my mom could do for them.

My brother Trip was actually the first one to spot him.  Fortunately for me, Trip and I don’t normally have the same taste in men.  He goes for the more nerdy type and I prefer mine to have more muscles.  That was why my brother had been dating Craig Wild and we’d gotten parts in the movie.

Trip was gushing about this new guy who was in makeup getting tattoos put on for his part.  I went to see what had my brother so hot and bothered and forgot to breathe.  Do you ever have a premonition about something?  I’m not talking about going to see a psychic or having your cards read.  I’m talking about that feeling that washes over you that causes the hair to stand up on your arms and you get goose bumps.  You just know something.  Well I knew that this boy with muscles upon muscles who’d taken my breath away was going to be the love of my life.

I made it a point to monopolize all his free time while the movie was made.  When it was over I was devastated, because he was going home to some small town in the middle of the country.  Trip sat me down to see if this was serious or not.  He was the one that suggested I become a stalker and track him down in New York.

David was perfect without even trying, without even being aware.  He helped me realize that our timing wasn’t right.  If he’d asked I would’ve dragged him back to my hotel room and let him have his way with me.  He was too much of a gentleman for that.  Trip said it was a Midwestern thing.  If he had been a Hollywood boy, he would have used me and forgotten about me.  It made me love him even more.

I’d decided that I might not see him ever again, when my brother needed to go into rehab.  He arranged to get out of LA so there wouldn’t be the normal distractions, or so he explained to my mom.  He suggested that it would also be good for me to get out of LA.  I didn’t figure it out until we were packing to move that we were going to be in the same town as David.

I’d been working on my mom from a different angle.  She’d found a project she wanted to work on with me called The Secret Circle.  I’d suggested that David have a role in the movie.  I think she was amused that I had a crush on the guy.  I thought I was being sly about it, but she told me later that she’d known when word got back that I was with him filming Star Academy.

Mom was smart enough to know that both her children had conspired to get me and David together, so she didn’t object when Trip had suggested the move.

When I first moved, I was a little off balance.  You have to realize that I’d moved from the hills overlooking LA to a small five acre farm in the middle of nowhere.  They didn’t even have a Starbucks!

I was happy when my mom suggested that I try out for cheerleading.  I met several of David’s girl friends.  What they told me was eye opening.  First, he was a loveable slut.  He somehow managed to date almost every girl on the cheerleading squad, and to my amazement, they all were fine with it.  I also heard that his best friend had just died in a swimming accident and the girl he thought was the one had dumped him.

When I first saw him after we’d moved, it was in his eyes.  The poor guy was a mess.  Talk about terrible timing to become the ultimate stalker, move halfway across the country, and find that the object of your obsession was emotionally unavailable.

If I were honest with myself, it was the best thing that could have happened.  I had this whole fantasy that when he saw me he would realize I was what was missing in his life and we would go off into the sunset happily ever after.  Seeing his eyes made me stop and slow down to see where things might go.  It allowed me to get to know him better and we became friends and eventually lovers.

David has this little look he gives you that makes you just melt.  I don’t think he realizes what a devastating effect he has on the females of our species.  Combine that with his looks and his exploits on the football field and you could understand why every girl around him would drop their panties if he asked.  Thank God, he wasn’t the type to take advantage.  He seemed to need to like the girls he spent time with.

All I can say is that when David was with me and those lips touched mine, it was hard to breathe.  But how could I care about breathing when I had David in my arms?  His touch was enough to get my heart racing and my pulse pounding, threatening to cause me to faint.  He is all male and when he would push me against a wall and press up against me it was all I could do to contain myself.  He just had that effect on all of us.

I began to understand why a girl would go out with him and put up with him going out with others.  He just made it all seem like we were all friends and it was okay.

I’m not just saying that either.  It was okay.  I think it was because he never led me on or tried to make what we had more than it was.  I knew he cared for me.  He might even love me, but I came to realize we were too young to be in the kind of relationship I wanted with him.  That realization freed me just to enjoy our friendship.

The other thing I learned was David was a true leader.  I’d seen guys who were good at sports try to impose their will on others.  I think part of that is what causes the stereotype of the bully jock.  While David could be a dick at times (what boy isn’t), it never seemed mean spirited.  I’d watched him kick a group of freshman out of their lunch table, although to be honest, it was so he could have a private conversation with someone who apparently needed that.

Instead of being pissed, they’d been happy to accommodate him.  It didn’t hurt that his friends had covered for him and let the freshmen hang out with them.  You could tell it was a big deal that they got to hang out with us.

I need to spend a moment about a personal problem he’d had.  His friend Pam found that her birth control had failed.  Tracy and Brook were nominated to try to push them together as a couple.  Pam was scared to tell him, because she knew he would ask her to marry him.  The last thing Pam wanted was to be married and have a baby as a high school junior.  I can’t say that I blamed her.

What I did blame her for was letting her dad act like an ass.  Since then I came to find out that she had some personal issues with authority figures, but I was not happy that she allowed the fiction of a rape go on as long as it did.

As bad as it was, David was forced to realize what fame would mean.  He got his first serious taste of how to handle the press.  He’d been smart and gotten a publicist to help him.  Mom had always said that it was unavoidable for well-known people to have someone keep an eye on what the press was saying.  David got a full taste of what they were like, which made him more cautious.

I had to laugh at how quickly David fell into the Hollywood lifestyle.  He learned all about the paparazzi, found out about the casual sexual culture and became a surf bum.  All that said, he was still David.  I’d thought about taking advantage of having my guy all to myself, but I could tell he still wasn’t ready for a girlfriend.  I wanted him to get Hollywood out of his system.  I had faith that he would play for a while, but he wasn’t the George Clooney type.

What I think he found out was what I already knew.  David could make it in movies.  People took notice of him.  I just hoped his new movie did well.  If it did, I felt I had a shot at making my long term dream of us being together work.  He and I would make a great Hollywood couple.