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On the road in new south wales, Australia

Sergeant Michael Nolan is on leave with his family, and enjoying the
drive along the mountain road. The view on their left is beautiful, they
can see out over the national park for a long way. Another couple of
kilometres to go on the Bulli to Appin Road to be through the mountains,
and then back into the heavier town traffic. At least they bypassed the
bumper-to-bumper long-weekend traffic on the Motorways, and most of
the other main roads going north. Once down into Campbelltown there’s
a number of local roads to get back to base. They’ll be back in their Base
Married Quarters late this afternoon, if they aren’t kept too long at Bill’s
place after he drops his brother and his family at their home. Michael is
thinking about continuing down through Appin on the good road, or to
cut off near Appin Sand to go via Wedderburn. It’s a lower grade road,
but shorter, and will miss all of the traffic cutting through Appin to get to
the southern end of Campbelltown to get onto Narellan Road to go west.
  He usually goes through Appin, but he’s fed up with the coach bus
right behind him. If the driver was any closer he’d be sitting in the van.
The bus is tailgating so close Michael doubts he’s a second of time behind
him, not the three or four seconds the driving schools recommend. This is
a nice road, but there’s really nowhere to overtake anything along it, and
Michael is already doing the legal limit of one hundred kilometres per
hour, which doesn’t seem to be fast enough for the bus driver. Michael
thinks,  Just this curve, the bend back, and the straight. Then about two
kilometres to the turn off. I think I’ll take it to get this idiot off my tail.
  Michael’s van is through the first curve to the left, and is entering the
curve back to the right when he sees a sports car on the other side of the
road going in the other direction at a very high speed. The oncoming car
is drifting wide, and is soon in the middle of the road. Michael goes a
little more to his left in the hope the cars can slide by each other. The
other driver suddenly pulls his steering wheel to the left, and his car is
immediately into a skid. The sports car slides further into Michael’s lane,
but there’s now no more time for Michael to do anything before the
sports car slams into his van. The force of the impact punches the van
backwards and into the bus, just a little right of centre. The bus turns on
the contact point with the rear of it coming around. The sports car spins
off into the scrub to the left of Michael’s van while the van is spun to the
right by the bus contact, so the van ends up nose into the scrub on the
right side of the road with the bus across the road, blocking both lanes.

Inside the van

  All in the van are a little tired while Pat Nolan, Michael’s son, is very
tired and almost asleep. He starts to wake up when he hears his father
swearing, Pat is raising his left hand to rub his eyes when he’s thrown
hard against the seatbelt at the same time there’s a loud noise instantly
followed by something smashing into his side. He’s in pain, but he can’t
see anything while he’s being shaken about. The movement stops, but the
pain doesn’t. The air-bag in front of him deflates, and Pat can now see the
van’s been in a crash. Pat looks down, his left arm is broken, he’s not sure
if he hit something or the air-bag broke it when it inflated. He can see his
right leg is also broken. From his first aid training Pat thinks they’re
simple breaks, but he isn’t sure. After undoing a button just above his belt
Pat uses his right arm to put his left hand and lower arm inside his shirt.
He can’t hear any sounds, so he wonders if he hurt his ears.
  Pat looks up, and can tell both his parents are dead, due to the way
the front of the van is right up against the front seats. He can see his
father’s cell phone is still in its cradle, but the cradle is no longer attached
to the dashboard, and is sitting on the floor near Pat’s feet. He undoes his
seatbelt, leans over, picks up the phone, cycles through the numbers to
the one he wants, and calls the emergency number. He looks about the
van while he does this, and doesn’t like what he sees.
  The phone is answered, and he says, “Car crash including a bus, we
need ambulances,” and he gives the GPS co-ordinates from the SatNav in
the van’s dash. He finishes with, “The road’s blocked, and I can’t see
anyone moving about in the bus or on the road.”
  After confirming the information given the operator says, “We’ve got
help on the way, can you stay on the line, please?”
  “I need to treat my injuries, but I can leave the phone open and in my
pocket, will that do?”
  “Yes. See what you can do for the others.”
  “I will, but I’ll be limited in helping them, due to my own injuries.”
  Pat puts the phone in his shirt pocket, and does the button up to keep
it there. From the damage to their bodies he knows his parents and sister
are dead, and he’s numb from the shock of it. He uses his right arm to
help him stand up in the van, checks for a pulse on his parents and sister,
and finds none. He turns around, and hops down the aisle to check out
his cousin, aunt, and uncle. They’re all dead. He looks at the luggage
area, but the back of the van is crushed against the back of the rear seat,
so there’s no way he can get at the first aid kit. He moves back to the front
of the van, and is surprised to find the side door slides open without any
trouble. He hops out of the van, turns, and gets out the plastic emergency
triangles stored in the pocket on the back of the front passenger’s seat.
After hopping down the road to get around the bend Pat is soon able
to see a long way down the road, so he stops, squats, and sets up one of
the triangles in the middle of the road to alert the traffic that may come
along. This task is easy to do with one hand, because he only needs to
push down on the cross piece to create the base, then flick the switch for
the blinking red LED lights in it. After standing he makes his way back to
the crash. Only then does he see the other car off to the side in the scrub.
Pat can’t see a way to get to the car in his current condition, so he leaves it
be, since the ground is just too rough for him to try it. He slowly hops to
the bus, around it, and down the road behind the bus. He moves a little
down the road, squats, sets up the second triangle, sighs, and faints